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LG LBC22520 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick
Where to Buy LG LBC22520

The LG LBC22520 is one of the few bottom-freezer style refrigerators that qualify for the Cheapism price range -- but just barely. Expert reviews are noticeably absent; LG LBC22520 reviews by consumers, however, are easy to find and indicate that buyers are quite pleased with their purchase. Good looks, quiet operation, and interior roominess (22.4 cubic feet) get frequent mention in reviews on sites like Buzzillions and Best Buy. Other points in favor of this model, according to reviews, are the ease with which the door and shelves can be reconfigured (and removed for cleaning), and the alarm that alerts users when the fridge or freezer door is ajar. In addition, consumers note in reviews several advantages to the bottom-freezer configuration, such as not having to bend to reach fresh foods, easier access to freezer treats for kids, and maintaining wide storage space (great for party trays) that you don't get with side-by-sides.

This relatively cheap refrigerator doesn't come with many extras, but does sport a few key features, like glass spill-proof shelves, gallon-size door bins, and an ice maker. It is also Energy Star Qualified, boasting energy consumption of 465 kWh per year and an estimated yearly operating cost of $50. The LG LBC22520 has a smooth texture and comes in multiple color options -- white, black, titanium, and stainless steel (the latter two starting at prices that add more than $150 to your cost).

Complaints about this refrigerator are fairly minor. Some LG LBC22520 reviews observe that ice cubes tend to fall into the bottom of the freezer, which prevents freezer baskets from gliding closed. A handful of buyers also gripe that it's noisy, a complaint common to all fridges in the budget category. It's worth noting that the freezer section opens via a hinged door, rather than a slide-out drawer, as most bottom-freezer units do, and some users posting reviews consider this a plus.

Although not the best layout for everyone, if a bottom-freezer is on your agenda, you'll be hard-pressed to find a dependable unit at a better price.

by Raechel Conover (Google+ Profile) – February 20, 2013
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