Ariens 960460056 Review



User reviewers are very happy with this highly rated model, which boasts a 22 hp, two-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine; automatic transmission; 46-inch cutting deck; tight, 16-inch turning radius; and wash-out port for easy cleaning. It offers cruise control and also mows in reverse.

Ariens 960460056 reviews on the Home Depot website and elsewhere are very positive, with comments about the power and the level cut on hilly terrain and in yards spanning multiple acres. Some reviews reserve particular praise for the cutting time; consumers rave about the improvement over previously owned machines. A few reviews mention problems from the get-go, while satisfied customers are quick to note that a lemon or two is inevitable. Overall, most reviewers conclude that the Ariens 960460056 (starting at $1,399) can easily conquer basic yard work.

This lawn tractor has the most impressive specs we encountered among the models we researched, besting competitors on nearly every score. It features a 22-horsepower V-twin Briggs & Stratton engine, a hydrostatic automatic transmission, a 2.5-gallon gas tank, four anti-scalp wheels to keep from cutting bumps too close, a 16-inch turning radius, and a 46-inch deck with 10 cutting heights between 1 and 4.5 inches. Creature comforts include cruise control, a cup holder, and a high-back seat. This model mows in reverse and moves forward at infinitely variable speeds up to 5.2 mph. A deck washout port makes the mower easy to clean.

Reviewers have generally found the Ariens 960460056 a very good value for the money. The steel construction makes it feel sturdy and durable, users say, and they are happy with the ability to mow in reverse and use cruise control. Most important, though, it cuts the grass well, even if it's long.

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