John Deere D105 Review



Unlike its predecessor, this entry-level lawn tractor from John Deere houses an automatic transmission for smooth handling. It features a 17.5 hp engine and a 42-inch cutting deck with two blades. Users like the easy operation, solid build quality, and comfortable ride.

We've recommended a couple of different John Deere lawn tractors in the past, and John Deere D105 reviews so far indicate that this new model (Model # BG20699) is continuing in the tradition of the well-regarded brand, which enjoys a big following for its riding mowers. On the Lowe's website, users say good things about this low-cost residential riding mower -- e.g., the engine runs well, the tractor handles nicely, the parts are solid, and turns are executed with ease. Judging by the reviews on the Home Depot website, customers there seem to agree that this lawn tractor delivers a comfortable ride and an excellent mow, without jerky starts and stops, and feels solidly constructed. All but one of the two dozen reviewers rated well the John Deere D105 (starting at $1,499) giving it a rating of at least four stars out of five and would recommend the product to others. Many assert its superiority over other mowers they've owned such as the d110, or compare it favorably to previous models by the manufacturer, including one that lasted for 18 years.

The primary difference between the John Deere D105 and its predecessor, the D100, is the transmission, which is automatic instead of gear-drive. John Deere D105 reviews crow that the new transmission runs very smoothly. This mower has a 17.5-horsepower, single-cylinder engine and the fuel tank holds 2.4 gallons. The 42-inch deck accommodates bagging, mulching, and side discharge.

Based on the John Deere D105 reviews we've read, this is a high-performing, high-quality lawn tractor from a brand that seems to turn out top entry-level models year after year.

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