Nike Air Zoom Structure 17 Review


Think Twice

Reviewers say this stability shoe (along with its predecessor) fails to provide sufficient support. The Nike line appears to be back on its feet, however, with the release of the Structure 18.

Loyal fans of Nike's Zoom Structure line are disappointed in this version, according to Nike Structure 17 reviews. What was once deemed a top stability shoe for runners who like more arch support fell in the rankings with its 16th and 17th incarnations. As Solereview explains, earlier editions of this shoe featured a medial support post to provide stability and discourage overpronation (an inward roll and flattening of the foot with each stride). The Nike Air Zoom Structure 17 (starting at $74, Amazon), along with the previous model, uses a different midsole construction. Foam of two different densities is fused diagonally together. Instead of providing stability, reviewers say, this structure causes each foot to lean toward the outer (softer) side of the shoe.

The apparent rationale for the redesign was to give runners a closer-to-the-ground feel; marketing materials note the "Dynamic Support platform" and patented Zoom units in the heel and forefoot for low-profile cushioning. However, reviewers posting on multiple sites lament the changes in the once-lauded shoe line. As if problematic arch support and instability weren't enough, a few reviews posted on the retail site Road Runner Sports report that the shoes wore out quickly and the sole came apart.

Runners wishing that Nike had left the original design alone can take solace in the newer Nike Air Zoom Structure 18 (starting at $90, Amazon). Reviews by Running Shoes Guru and Solereview herald the return of a once beloved shoe. A midsole post reinforces the dual-density foam, delivering the stability lacking in the Nike Air Zoom Structure 17.

Raechel Conover

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