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Brooks Addiction 11
Where to Buy Brooks Addiction 11

If Brooks Addiction reviews are any guide, a fair number of runners are addicted to this line of shoes. At Road Runner Sports, customer reviews attest to the overall performance and comfort of the Brooks Addiction 11 (starting at $120, Amazon) for people with flat arches and overpronation. One user says he's been running in the same model for 15 years; another notes that it stands up to 25 to 40 miles a week on trails.

Reviews at Zappos extol the superior support, breathability, and wide foot bed, which has helped a few reviewers with various foot problems. Severe overpronation, stress fractures, and bunions are just some of the reasons users commit to this motion-control running shoe, with its excellent arch support and cushioning. Several reviewers say they chose the Brooks Addiction on the recommendation of a podiatrist or physical therapist and others happily report that it suits men with large feet who struggle to find this type of shoe.

Although the Brooks Addiction 11 is priced outside the Cheapism niche, it's relatively inexpensive given the motion-control design and construction. Brooks' MC Pod technology and an extended diagonal rollbar provide arch support; gel runs from heel to toe for cushioning; and crash pads add flexibility and make for a smooth transition through the running gait. The shoe is topped with a breathable mesh upper to manage moisture. As expected, this shoe weighs a bit more than neutral and stability running shoes, coming in at 10.2 to 13.4 ounces, depending on gender and size.

The Brooks Addiction 11 is a good fit for runners who need lots of stability and cushioning with a relatively low price tag. This motion-control running shoe garners adulation from many quarters, including people who have jobs that require lots of time on their feet. Recommended by specialists in the field, it provides superior support where needed (that would be the arch) -- even for bigger guys who are tough on running shoes. Brooks hits all the marks with specialized technology for stability and cushioning.

by Raechel Conover (Google+ Profile) – April 13, 2015
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