Weight Watchers WW11D Review


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Many dieters consider Weight Watchers their friend, so no surprise that some consumers take to the scale with the company's logo. Indeed, several Weight Watchers WW11D Portable Precision Electronic Scale reviews indicate the diet-company connection, plus the price, were the primary reasons for choosing this model. In reviews on Sears users comment on the credibility behind the company's name. One consumer expresses appreciation that it accommodates weights above 300 pounds and several Weight Watchers Scale reviews on Amazon point out that the light weight and carry handle make it travel-friendly (surely as intended). Some reviews praise its accuracy and consistency, but others report getting different readings -- even weights that just don't seem logical -- at every weigh in. Users say the scale is sensitive to your posture and different floor contours. Some reviews also complain about problems with durability.

The Weight Watchers WW11D Portable Precision Electronic Scale (starting at $22, Amazon) measures by half-pound increments, unlike other inexpensive digital scales that report 0.2-pound variations, and handles weights up to 330 pounds. The 1.3" digital LCD display makes for easy reading, and the 12" x 12" platform is roomy enough; at least one Weight Watchers WW11D Portable Precision Electronic Scale review on Target, however, notes that the white, grooved surface is hard to clean. The scale is powered by a lithium battery, which is included in the packaging.

The Weight Watchers WW11D is certainly cheap enough, but reviews indicate it falters in its performance. Despite its brand name, there are other cheap digital bathroom scales that should provide you with better service.

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