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When it comes to weight, many people prefer to be left in the dark. But if you're serious about lowering or maintaining your number, the best cheap scale is one that's always accurate. The best cheap bathroom scales we found are digital. This battery-driven technology gives more accurate and precise results than the mechanisms found on cheap mechanical bathroom scales. Most good digital bathroom scales measure weight in increments of 0.2 pounds compared to the one-pound units of mechanical scales. But precision doesn't matter much if you can't read the report. The cheap digital scales on our list all feature large backlit displays to help you see the numbers from a standing position. These are basic, minimal-frills scales, although one of our favorites can track weights for multiple users.

Increments Weight Limit Memory Warranty
EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale estimated price $29
0.2 lb. 330 lbs. No 2-year
Elite Home ESC-9008X estimated price $22
N/A 400 lbs. Yes 1-year
Taylor Precision 7329 Lithium Electronic Scale estimated price $13
0.2 lb. 330 lbs. No 5-year
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