Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review



For children starting at about age 8, the electric Razor E100 is reliable, user-friendly, and a convenient mode of transportation. Speeds reach up to 10 mph and the rechargeable battery is good for about 40 minutes of straight riding time.

Electric scooters are considerably more expensive than non-motorized kick scooters and give riders a decidedly different experience. As Razor E100 reviews note, you can scoot along at what seems like warp speed and you barely lift a foot to keep the wheels moving. Moreover, as one review on Kmart reports, the rider's status in the neighborhood quickly rises. Quite a few scooter reviews, obviously written by kids and posted on Sears, attest to its cool quotient, leavened by a large dose of fun. The typical age of riders seems to fall within the pre-teen years, but adults, too, get their jollies from this electric scooter; we read reviews reporting use by parents out for a quick spin - some of whom exceed the 120-pound weight limit - and college students commuting between campus and home. For the most part, reviews say the E100 is reliable, but a few grumble about batteries that, within a year of purchase, either won't charge or hold a charge; one reviewer says he finally opened the deck and discovered a loose connection that was easily fixed. When the batteries are fully loaded, though, reviews agree the scooter runs just fine.

The Razor E100 (starting at $91, Amazon) features a twist-grip throttle and a chain-driven motor, hand-operated front brake, eight-inch pneumatic front tire and a 125mm (4.9 inches) urethane rear wheel. Once the rider gives it a good kick or two and the motor engages, the scooter cruises at speeds of up to 10 mph, which many parents posting E100 reviews on Amazon consider perfect. The two 12-volt batteries (included with purchase, along with a charger) should provide up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time and will need up to 12 hours of charge time; if presenting as a gift, one parent suggests charging the scooter first. This scooter weighs 29 pounds and comes in pink or red.

The Razor E100 is designed for kids eight years and up, although a few reviews indicate that slightly younger children manage without difficulty. It provides youngsters the kind of freedom that comes with a measure of motorized mobility but offers arguably less exercise than what they'd get with a kick scooter. Kids will tell you it beats walking by a mile, and the lure may be enough to entice a child to put his or her own pennies toward a down payment, at least.

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