Razor Kiddie Kick Review


The Razor Kiddie Kick (starting at $28, Amazon) is a three-wheeled scooter designed for the youngest scooting newbies. Parents posting Razor Kiddie Kick reviews on Meijer, for example, say the stability provided by the two rear wheels help tots learn scooting basics while developing balance. On the other hand, parents' reviews on Toys R Us say riders have to work too hard to get the wheels rolling; one reports it doesn't even coast on a slight downward slope and another says kids outgrow this model by the time they're three, which happens to be the manufacturer's recommended starting age. Still, many parents do consider it well-sized, durable, and a good value; a scooter review posted on WayFair.com calls it a "stepping stone" to the two-wheeled variety and another notes it's a good substitute for a tricycle.

Like other Razor scooters, the Kiddie Kick folds for convenient storage and portage. It weighs 6.5 pounds and can accommodate children who weigh up to 45 pounds. The body is plastic and the deck is slip-resistant; the wheels are a tad smaller than four inches. Buyers have their choice of blue or pink.

An entry-level scooter, no doubt, but one that a child might use for just a few months before being ready to move on. A few reviews say some youngsters happily ride the Kiddie Kick alongside older siblings, but others say the slow-motion wheels put off young riders and the inability to adjust the height of the handlebars limits its usable lifespan. Some parents suggest skipping over this three-wheeled model and letting children learn to fly on a traditional two-wheeled scooter. The decision is yours, of course, and will depend on your comfort level as well as your child's demonstrated coordination and tolerance for risk.

Maralyn Edid

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