Royal Velvet Pure Perfection Sheets Review



These 325-thread-count sheets are made from Egyptian cotton, a long-staple variety that delivers a soft feel. Reviewers compare them favorably to sheets with higher thread counts and higher price tags. This set fits mattresses up to 17 inches deep, and elastic all the way around keeps the fitted sheet from popping off the bed.

Royal Velvet Pure Perfection Sheets (starting at $50 for a queen) are made from Egyptian cotton with a sateen weave and come in eight colors. Consumers who have posted Royal Velvet sheets reviews at JC Penney admire this set for its softness and weight. Some reviews even mention that the Pure Perfection sheets are a bit heavy for hot weather -- but, on the flip side, nice and warm in cold weather.

The fitted sheet will fit up to a 17-inch mattress and has elastic all the way around to help keep the corners in place. The sheets are actually cut a bit large, according to some reviewers, and shrink quite a bit after the first washing, even when dried on low heat. Regardless, most users seem to have found the pockets deep enough and the fit generous. Royal Velvet sheets reviews say this set is soft to the touch, and a few washings makes it even softer and more comfortable to sleep on. The pillowcases and fitted sheet have a double pleat at the hem, which adds a bit of a high-end feel.

Most Royal Velvet sheets reviews indicate that the material doesn't pill, the color doesn't fade, and the sheets last through repeated washings. A few consumers used to expensive sheets with high thread counts assert that you have to spend a lot more for exceptionally soft sheets, but these are a good value for the price.

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