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Elite Home sheets come in solid colors as well, but the reviews we read praise the patterns for the way they brighten up the bedroom. These 300-thread-count sheets are made to fit mattresses up to 17 inches. Reviewers find the sheets soft and comfortable and say they wrinkle less than other cotton sheets.

Elite Home cotton sheets in prints such as Tuscan Paisley and Yardley (a stripe) seem to fill the bill for consumers looking for a bit of zing in their bedding. The sheets are made with a 300-thread-count sateen weave and the patterns come in several colors designed to coordinate with each other. (For instance, one photo shows a reversible duvet set in a blue Tuscan Paisley print with the Yardley stripe in the same color palette on the other side.) The colors, however, are the primary source of dismay among online shoppers posting Elite Home sheets reviews at Overstock. They say the pictures don't exactly match the color of the sheets in person. The blue is more of a teal, for instance, and "spice" is closer to brown than red.

In Elite Home sheets reviews on Amazon, many consumers complain that the pattern is printed on only one side of the sheet, so if you want to fold the top sheet over a comforter or duvet, you have to put the sheet on upside down. Elite Home makes 300-thread-count cotton sheets in solid colors as well, although we found no reviews of those online.

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Elite Home Cotton Print Sheets (starting at $40) are made to fit mattresses up to 17 inches thick. For the most part, Elite Home sheets reviews indicate that these patterned sets cover even pillow-top mattresses pretty well. Most reviewers call the sheets soft and comfortable, even silky -- but not slippery, as sateen sheets sometimes are. Several people complain of a chemical smell directly out of the package, but a few washings take care of that and leave the sheets softer, according to reviews.

This is one of the few sheet sets we researched that didn't garner many complaints about wrinkles. In fact, several reviewers rave about a lack of wrinkles. Others profess that washing seems to render the material thinner and flimsier and they question the durability of the fabric. That said, we saw very few reports of pilling or fraying, and even consumers who get only a few years out of these cheap sheets are likely to consider them worth the price.

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