Target Home Organic Cotton Sheets Review


Think Twice

While reviewers laud the 325-thread-count organic cotton for being soft at first, some say pilling after laundering makes the sheets scratchy or the seams come undone. These sheets are meant to fit mattresses up to 18 inches deep, but some consumers complain that they shrink in the wash.

Organic cotton sheets at a price this low are a real find -- or at least they would be if their quality and durability weren't called into question in Target Home Organic Cotton Sheets reviews. Consumers posting on the retailer's website complain that the seams are not locked at the ends and the loose threads pull eventually, leaving big holes. The fabric appears prone to pilling after a few washings. Even reviewers who like the sheets acknowledge that the material grew noticeably thinner within six months or eventually discovered holes in the material.

Target Home Organic Cotton Sheets (starting at $44) come in many colors, as well as two floral patterns. Target advertises them as sufficient for a mattress up to 18 inches deep, and for the most part, Target sheets reviews indicate that this set fits pretty well. Some consumers with thinner mattresses tried washing the sheets in hot water and found that the resulting shrinkage made for a better fit.

Most people posting Target sheets reviews seem very pleased with the softness of Target Home organic cotton sheets and consider them very comfortable to sleep on. The cotton breathes, consumers say, keeping the sheets cool throughout the night. The sateen weave is described as smooth with a subtle sheen. A few reviewers call the sheets rough or scratchy and, oddly, the softness seems to vary depending on the color: Consumers identify darker colors (notably purple and gray) as significantly softer than lighter colors. The color stays true after several washings, Target sheets reviews say, and the material softens with age.

The bottom line: However attractive the colors, however soft the material, however strong the allure of organic cotton, these sheets don't seem likely to last long enough to be worth an endorsement.

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