Everest Mummy +5F/-15C Degree Review



This mummy-style sleeping bag keeps adventurers cozy on frigid nights with a double-layer construction for extra warmth. The low price combined with its performance in freezing temperatures makes this a smart choice for cold-weather camping.

The Everest Mummy +5F/-15C Degree Sleeping Bag (starting at $25, Amazon) boasts one of the lowest temperature ratings (5 degrees F) among sleeping bags with price tags under $45. Indeed, users award it points for warmth in Everest Mummy sleeping bag reviews on Walmart, where it garners more than 200 five-star ratings, which is more than half of the total reviews currently posted. Users' Everest Mummy reviews rave about the value, noting that the very low price is quite a deal for a sleeping bag that keeps you warm in freezing temperatures. That said, some users are skeptical about its effectiveness when it's really cold outside. One camper beefs up the bag's capabilities with a pad that's topped with an insulating layer, a liner inside the bag and a blanket on top, and by wearing lots of clothing; users posting sleeping bag reviews on Amazon likewise report the bag needs some help in temperatures that dip below 40. Still, the Everest Mummy wins points for the built-in padded hood, pockets for stowing small items, roominess (for a mummy bag, that is), manageable weight, and cozy comfort. Many reviews say it's light enough for backpacking, but some suggest reserving this inexpensive sleeping bag for car camping because the bulk and weight make it awkward for carrying on your back. Do note that the zipper may be temperamental, and some campers' reviews report problems zipping up from the inside.

The Everest Mummy is lined in and out with polyester and is packed with 3.5 pounds of insulating fill. It measures 84 "x33 "x24 " and accommodates campers slightly taller than six feet; one 250-pound six-footer reports all-night comfort. The bag comes with a stuff stack for easy stowing and consumers say it washes well.

With some of the most positive feedback in consumer Everest Mummy reviews of cheap sleeping bags, the Everest Mummy is one of our top picks. If you're in the market for a mummy bag, you'd be hard-pressed to find better value than the Everest Mummy.

Maralyn Edid

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