Wenzel Santa Fe 20-degree Mummy Sleeping Bag Review


Think Twice

This three-season mummy bag is cheap enough, but users say it doesn't deliver the warmth they expect and can be a challenge to stuff into its sack.

Wenzel Santa Fe 20-Degree Sleeping Bag reviews are, well, a mixed bag. In the pro camp, reviews on Amazon praise the roomy comfort (long enough for a near six-footer), the features, and the price. In the negative camp, sleeping bag reviews say it doesn't provide sufficient warmth even in 40-plus temperatures, and in general seems a bit thin and flimsy. Users report needing to boost the bag's capabilities by wearing thermal underwear, clothing, and/or placing a pad underneath. Campers say it's a bit bulky and heavy for backpacking.

The Wenzel Santa Fe (starting at $24, Amazon) is rated at 20 degrees and features a five-inch shoulder collar, a three-inch draft tube, a self-repairing zipper, and a two-layer outer shell. It measures 84"x33" and contains 2.5 pounds of hypoallergenic fill.

Despite its cold-weather rating, users' Wenzel Santa Fe 20-Degree Sleeping Bag reviews convince us this isn't really a cold-weather bag. There isenough disagreement about its merits and worth to keep this model off our list of top picks.

Maralyn Edid

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