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Sleeping bags come in two shapes, mummy-style and rectangular. Your sleeping preferences and camping plans will determine which style of cheap sleeping bag you choose: mummy bags are more confining around your legs but they're usually made for stuffing into a sack for backpacking. The dimensions of cheap sleeping bags vary, with some adult-size bags long enough to accommodate someone measuring up to 5'11" and others up to 6'2". Finally, the temperature rating provides some guidance about the minimum air temperature at which you should still feel warm (some users report these ratings are over-optimistic). The fill weight gives a good indication of how easy it will be to transport the bag.

Shape Dimensions Temperature Rating Fill Weight
Coleman Clear Lake Warm-Weather Sleeping Bag estimated price $27
Rectangular 75x33 40F - 60F 3 lbs
Everest Mummy +5F/-15C Degree estimated price $25
Mummy Style 84x33x24 +5F/-15C 3.5 lbs
Coleman North Rim 0-Degree Mummy Bag estimated price $40
Mummy Style 82x32 10F - 30F 3.75 lbs
Guide Gear Portage 30 Degree Sleeping Bag estimated price $25
Rectangular 81x38 30F 4.5 lbs
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