Vornado VH101 Review



This sleek model has a full slate of safety features and comes from a company that specializes in air circulation. It operates quietly and efficiently.

Vornado VH101 reviews have high praise for this compact personal heater on retail sites such as Home Depot. The Vornado VH101 (starting at $29, Amazon) has a few features in particular that distinguish it from the other space heaters we looked at. First, it’s more energy efficient than most. While competitors tend to operate at a maximum of 1,500 watts, the Vornado VH101 has heat settings of 375 watts and 750 watts, meaning it uses less energy and saves users money. Although that might suggest that the heat output doesn’t measure up, many reviewers say even the low setting is sufficient.

Vornado touts the heater’s “vortex” circulation as a superior method for distributing heated air throughout a space. While many reviewers enthuse about its ability to heat small spaces, others gripe about weak airflow, saying it takes a little while to heat a full room. The Vornado VH101 also boasts “whisper quiet” operation, and many users bear witness. One reviewer mentions on Amazon that the heater is too quiet; she sometimes forgets that it’s turned on. It does have an indicator light on the back, so a quick glance can tell you whether or not it’s running.

Unlike most manufacturers, Vornado seems to have taken style into account when designing this space heater. The sleek Vornado VH101 comes in black, jade, and orange color options. It doesn’t have much of a handle to speak of, but it’s compact and weighs only about 2 pounds. The surface is designed to be cool to the touch. For safety, the unit will shut off if it overheats or faces an obstruction, such as an object penetrating the front grill. It’s also one of the relatively few cheap models with tip-over protection, which powers off a toppled heater automatically. Overall, the Vornado VH101 is an excellent choice that garners overwhelming praise among users. It comes with a three-year warranty.

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