Impress IM-702 Review


Think Twice

Although this model is fully equipped with an adjustable thermostat and three fan settings, reviewers give the impression that it’s unreliable.

The Impress-IM 702 (starting at $24, Amazon) is a small, fan-forced space heater with a low price -- and a lot of caveats. In terms of safety, this model is designed to operate only on a hard, flat surface; it shuts off if the device leans too far to the side or tips over. It also boasts an overheat protection circuit. However, many Impress-IM 702 reviews posted on Amazon call into question the effectiveness of these safety features. Some say the heater doesn’t actually shut off when tipped (which could make it a potential fire hazard around kids and pets) and others say it gets way too hot without showing any sign of switching off, which makes them nervous.

This model features three fan settings -- low heat (750 watts), high heat (1,500 watts), and fan-only -- along with an adjustable thermostat. On the front is a red light to indicate when the heater is running. The Impress IM-702 is compact and lightweight, with a handle for portability, so it’s easy to carry around and store away unobtrusively. Users report using it under their desks at work without any trouble.

According to many other reviews, however, the Impress IM-702 fails to live up to its name. The heater can warm up only tight quarters; its heat doesn’t radiate throughout a whole room unless the space is very small, reviewers say. Still, that’s the case with many cheap space heaters, and we might be willing to overlook it if the heater appeared more reliable. Too many reviews report that the Impress IM-702 stops working altogether after a very short period of time. It comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, so it may be possible to get a replacement. The hassle of replacing a brand-new heater, though, and questionable safety features make this heater an unappealing choice.

Gina Martinez

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