Lasko 5812 Review


The Lasko 5812 (starting at $40, Amazon) is an impressive model that’s slightly pricier than the options in our Cheapism price range. This heater draws a maximum of 750 watts, but instead of a manual knob for switching between high and low power, it has an automatic regulator that adjusts the heating power as needed. Lasko 5812 reviews credit this feature with maintaining a pretty constant, comfortable temperature while saving energy.

This Lasko model is larger and less portable than the cheaper space heaters featured in this buying guide. It measures 11.5 inches tall and weighs 6.8 pounds. Nonetheless, users admire the design of this space heater. It’s slim, with a flat back that hugs the wall to keep the unit out of the way. It takes in air through a top vent and releases heated air at floor level, warming up chilly feet and rising to fill the room. For safety, it has automatic overheat protection and a tip-over safety switch, which turns off the heater if it falls over. Reviewers indicate that the heater and cord stay cool to the touch.

Reviews of this model on sites such as Home Depot are largely positive, with praise for its speed and efficiency. Less impressed users complain that, despite the heat regulator, this model requires a bit of babysitting -- i.e., manual adjustment of the thermostat -- to keep the temperature comfortable. A few users have found it rather noisy. For reference, one user describes it as not quite as loud as a microwave.

Overall, a majority of the 200-plus reviews posted on Amazon rave about the consistent and automated heat control and air flow, as well as the overall performance and durability of this model. Some say it functions as well as or better than models priced closer to $100. The Lasko 5812 is ETL listed and comes with a three-year limited warranty.

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