Steve Madden Sunglasses Review


Sunglasses bearing the Steve Madden nameplate are sought out due to their high-fashion styling accompanied by budget pricing, according to user reviews. They don't earn a spot on our list, though, because they lack a few critical specifications (such as polycarbonate lenses) that make low-cost sunglasses a good buy. Steve Madden sunglasses reviews indicate that buyers judge them based entirely on how they look. The two reviews of the Steve Madden Cat Eye sunglasses (starting at $38, Amazon) posted at Nordstrom comment on the shape but not their effectiveness or durability; one reviewer considers them "fab" while the other laughed at the extreme upward sweep and returned them. The story is replayed with the Steve Madden Metal Aviator sunglasses (starting at $40, Amazon). Reviews at Dillard's primarily comment on the styling and the number of compliments wearers receive. Again, the few posted reviews ignore sun-blocking qualities, and one reviewer describes them as fragile and easily broken.

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What Steve Madden sunglasses have going for them is style at an affordable price. What they lack are polycarbonate lenses and, on some models, 100 percent UV protection. (Most specifications on the Steve Madden website simply state the glasses provide UV protection.) None that we researched are polarized, but we did notice several with different coatings; the Metal Aviators, for example, come with a gradient coating. Many models also are available in a variety of tints. There is no mention of a warranty, either, but Steve Madden sunglasses reviews suggest that users regard the price sufficiently low that replacing them is no big deal if broken or lost.

The Steve Madden brand seems popular and affordable enough, but be sure to read the fine print and at the very least choose a pair with 100 percent UV protection. If you can find a model with polycarbonate lenses, all the better. Most users seem blissfully unaware of these must-have features, but don't join their ranks.

Raechel Conover

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