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Suncloud Polarized Optics sunglasses claim many fans. Both men and women praise the variety of styles and tints, and the sunglasses' ability to block the sun. The polycarbonate lenses are polarized and provide 100 percent UV protection.

Sunglasses bearing the Suncloud Polarized Optics name are a popular choice among consumers, according to reviews. Indeed, those who have tried them apparently buy them over and over again -- not because they break, reports one Suncloud review at Zappos, but simply because they are the best. The Traverse line (starting at $50, Amazon) that this user favors boasts all the features found in far pricier sunglasses, but, as he notes, they sell for much less. And when it's time to move on to a new pair, he passes the older pairs on to his son. Still another user says her husband is very picky about the tint on his sunglasses and the Traverse line suits him just fine. Posts at Amazon are just as effusive about durability and performance. One reviewer of Suncloud's Cookie model (starting at $37.50, Amazon) says she's worn the same pair for three years, and they do a terrific job blocking out the sun's bright rays. (Note: The Cookie line seems to be a wide fit, according to reviews, so if you have a broad face, these may be the style for you.)

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Suncloud Polarized Optics sunglasses are, as the name implies, all polarized. Each model sports polycarbonate lens material and provides 100 percent UV protection. They come in both men's and women's styles along with tints that include various hues of brown, yellow, blue, black, and more. All models carry a lifetime warranty on manufacturing and materials.

We're convinced by users' overwhelmingly positive experience with Suncloud Polarized Optics. Reviews assert they are made to withstand numerous drops and designed to fit well and block the sun. The variety of tints -- the most we have seen -- appeals to users who may be picky. Along with the array of stylish options and the polarized lenses, Suncloud sunglasses are a very good deal.

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