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Available in men's, women's, and children's styles, all Sunbelt sunglasses contain impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and offer 100 percent UV protection; some lenses also are polarized. This brand impresses for fashion styling and practicality.

Consumers like Sunbelt sunglasses because they look good, fit well, and feel light on the face, according to reviews. Several users who posted at Amazon report that the Halo model (starting at $30, Amazon) protects their eyes from the sun's glare better than other comparably priced brands. The Halo also boasts fans who rave about comfort and style. Other Sunbelt reviews, even when offered up by users with broad faces, compliment the fit and give strong support to the brand. The Sunbelt Stomp (starting at $18, Amazon) garners favorable reviews, again at Amazon, where users praise the same set of attributes as for the Halo, and one reports that the yellow tint really helps his driving. Other reviews assert that Sunbelt sunglasses stay on and block the sun while users are engaged in outdoor activities, like marathons and fishing. Moreover, they seem to last.

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Sunbelt sunglasses styles, designed for men, women, and kids, appeal to fashion-conscious and sports-minded wearers. The lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate and provide 100 percent UV protection. The lenses on many models are polarized and are available in one of several tints and/or a scratch-resistant coating. Sunbelt offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its sunglasses.

The gender-specific styling and models designed for kids (which the company says are influenced by what children say they want) help this brand stand out. Despite limited reviews, we're won over by their overall value and the enthusiastic comments we did find.

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