Black Flys Sunglasses Review



Men and women like Black Flys sunglasses for their quality and style. These cheap sunglasses feature impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and provide 100 percent UV protection. Some models are polarized and all come with a one-year limited warranty.

Consumers who post Black Flys sunglasses reviews give this brand high ratings and suggest that buying these sunglasses can be habit-forming. Reviewers like the price, durability, comfort, and protective qualities, saying that models with polarized lenses are good for running, golfing, driving, bike riding, and fishing. The Micro Fly model (starting at $40, Amazon) can withstand snowboarding falls and the occasional drop, according to reviews. At Amazon one user writes that the style and polarized lenses of the Micro Flys are a perfect combination, while several users report buying multiple pairs because they like them so much and the price is right for the quality and durability. Various models from Black Flys win kudos in sunglasses reviews at sites like Buzzillions, and several users remark that the Micro Fly line is a good fit for smaller faces.

Where to buy

The Black Flys brand is known for stylish design but it also happens to incorporate features that shield the eyes. All models provide 100 percent UV protection and some are polarized. The sunglasses are available in various tints and in styles that suit both men and women. All models have durable polycarbonate lenses and come with a one-year limited warranty.

Black Flys sunglasses appear on our list because they're both fashionable and protective, and the majority of user reviews are upbeat. Many consumers indicate they would buy the sunglasses again or have bought multiple pairs already. While the price on the actual Back Fly website may be daunting to some, cheaper prices are easily found at other online vendors, so don't let sticker shock rule them out.

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