Body Glove Review


Think Twice

Available in sporty and fashionable styles for men and women, Body Glove sunglasses tempt with their low price, but reviewers complain about poor quality and an off fit. The lens material isn't specified although they are polarized, provide 100 percent UV protection, and come with varying tints and coatings.

Complaints about several models of Body Glove sunglasses surface in reviews posted by users. Fit is the first problem. One purchaser writes that the Palm Beach Polarized Sport sunglasses (starting at $26, Amazon) are too small and at Overstock they protest the excessively large size of the FL1 Floating sunglasses (starting at $27, Amazon). The aviator-style Maui sunglasses (starting at $30, Amazon) are slammed at Amazon for arms that aren't sufficiently contoured to hold the glasses in place. Durability is a second irritant that's often cited in Body Glove sunglasses reviews. We read reports about lenses popping out and lifespans as short as one day or two weeks.

Body Glove sunglasses come in both men's and women's styles. Posts indicate they are often bought for outdoor activities like boating, diving, and water sports, although some models are more fashionable than sporty. The models we researched are all polarized and provide 100 percent UV protection; the lens material, unfortunately, is not specified. Body Glove sunglasses are available with a variety of tints and special coatings, including one that's scratch-resistant and a hydrophobic coating to repel dirt. All models carry a one-year warranty.

Cheap prices don't compensate for problems with fit and durability. But the greatest weakness of Body Glove sunglasses is the unknown characteristics of the lenses -- polycarbonate is, by far, the preferred material for budget sunglasses. For the money, there are better options out there.

Raechel Conover

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