Lux TX500E Review


About the only useful feature missing from the Lux TX500E is a backlight, but it has all the other bases covered and does the job well. This model sticks to a 5-day/2-day schedule.

Nice features and good performance are hallmarks of this programmable thermostat, and Lux TX500E reviews deem it a solid budget buy. At Pex Supply and Amazon users assert the device is easy to configure and install, and one notes its "excellent functionality." A review at Air & Water reports that this model keeps temperatures in the house at the chosen settings, unlike a previous thermostat in the home, and another reviewer writes of plans to order several additional units. Despite all the praise, we also read a handful of reviews grousing about limited durability -- buttons that stick or units that fail within a year or so -- and an inaccurate temperature sensor.

Programmable options on the 24-volt Lux TX500E (starting at $29, Amazon) include a 5-day/2-day schedule (one program for weekdays and another for weekends) and four temperature periods a day. Users can temporarily override settings (until the next is due to begin) or initiate a long-term override that holds one temperature steady until the automatic function is restarted. The Lux TX500E displays temperatures in either Fahrenheit or Celsius and warns users when the system's filter needs changing. It runs on two AA batteries and signals when to replace them.

We like the Lux TX500E's array of features but are mildly disappointed with the absence of a display backlight. The filter alert is a nice touch and the 5-day/2-day programming affords flexibility. In sum, a good performer at a good price.

Michael Sweet

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