White-Rodgers 1F78-151 Review


Buyers praise the clear installation instructions and simple programming of the White-Rodgers 1F78-151. This is a basic model with a 5-day/2-day programming mode.

The White-Rodgers 1F78-151 (starting at $32, Amazon) programmable thermostat garners warm praise from buyers. White-Rodgers 1F78-15 reviews at Amazon reveal that consumers like this model because it's extremely easy to use and install and the backlight makes the display easy to read. Clear instructions for installation and programming earn appreciative nods in reviews at Pex Supply, where users also say the thermostat maintains precise temperatures. At Buzzillions, too, White-Rodgers 1F78-15 reviews mention the value price and user-friendly practicality.

Features on the White-Rodgers 1F78-15 include the common 5-day/2-day arrangement ( one program schedule for five days and another for two days) and four temperature periods during a 24-hour cycle. The display on this thermostat features a backlight so users can see and adjust the temperature in the dark, and it shows readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The 1F78-151 has a horizontal orientation but it's also available in a vertical orientation as the 1E78-151. Like the other thermostats we researched, the 1F78-151 is a 24-volt model. It runs on a pair of AAA batteries and signals when the batteries are low.

The White-Rodgers 1F78-151 is reliable and accurate, easy to install and easy to use. The 5-day/2-day programming suits most households and the backlight is a welcome feature that's missing in some budget thermostats.

Michael Sweet

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