Honeywell RTH2310B Review


The Honeywell RTHL2310B has a nice selection of features, but too many complaints about minor irritants and breakdowns relegate this model to the "don't bother" corner.

The Honeywell RTH2310B (starting at $17, Amazon) is a budget thermostat that causes some users a bit of buyer's remorse. According to Honeywell RTH2310B reviews at Amazon, consumers like the aesthetics, the backlit display, and the simple installation and programming well enough. What irks them, though, are a variety of operational problems. Reviews cite glitches such as buttons that lock up so you can't program the device, a timing mechanism that seems random, a buzzing or screeching noise that emanates from the backlight, programming that won't take, and units that fail prematurely. Simply put, the bulk of Honeywell RTH2310B reviews are not complimentary.

This is another 24-volt thermostat that follows a 5-day/2-day format with four daily programmable periods. The display lights up for 12 seconds when you hit a button and presents temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The device includes a filter change reminder and a low-battery indicator; it runs on two AAA batteries. The temporary override of a program setting lasts for two hours.

Despite the very low price tag (perhaps a signal that this model has reached the end of its product run), you might consider passing on the bargain given the variety and number of complaints. If you're sold on the Honeywell brand, there are other budget-priced models with similar features that are more reliable.

Michael Sweet

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