Lux WIN100 Review


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Pros: Many consumers turn to space heaters and window air conditioners to help save money, and an outlet thermostat like the Lux WIN100 (starting at $36; available on Amazon) can bring even greater savings by adding the programmability these appliances often lack. Customers reviewing the Lux WIN100 on Amazon praise the versatility of this unit, which gives them a break from constantly fiddling with the settings on their heaters and air conditioners. Others are relieved they don't have to babysit those appliances in areas where they spend limited time but still want to maintain a certain temperature, such as a garage workshop or even a chicken coop. Most users say the thermostat is easy to program, and they like being able to override settings or hold a certain temperature as they see fit. Another favorite feature is an adjustable temperature swing, which allows as much as 2.25 degrees of fluctuation above and below a set temperature. For some, this helps keep appliances from turning on too much; for others, it helps correct an overly wide temperature swing normally allowed by a space heater or air conditioner. Countless reviewers say the unit has saved them significant money.

Cons: There may be some quality-control issues with the Lux WIN100, as a significant number of negative reviews reference units that either didn't work from the outset or stopped working after a short period. Others dislike being able to set the temperature only in a specified range (45 to 90 degrees), saying they need a lower or higher threshold. Finally, some users wish for a more readable display with larger numbers and a backlight.

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Features: The Lux WIN100 is 5-day/2-day programmable, allowing users to set different temperature schedules for weekdays and the weekend with up to four temperature periods per day. This thermostat is compatible with most 120-volt space heaters and window air-conditioning units up to 15 amps with automatic restart. It does not work with central heating and air, hydronic systems, heat pumps, or space heaters and air conditioners without automatic restart. Although it plugs into the wall, it also requires two 1.5-volt G13 button batteries, which are included with purchase. It's backed by a three-year warranty.

Takeaway: While the Lux WIN100 is a fairly basic thermostat, it's impressive in its ability to regulate temperatures for consumers using space heaters and window air conditioners, and it fills a useful niche.