General Altimax RT Review



Best Cheap All-Season Tires. The General Altimax RT offers top value with a UTQGS rating of 600-A-B, speed capacity of 118 mph, and a treadwear warranty of 70,000 miles. This all-season tire earns high marks in reviews for overall performance, including in light snow.

This all-season tire offers excellent value for the money, according to General Altimax RT reviews at sites such as Walmart. Drivers who posted reviews of General Altimax RT tires at Tread Depot are likewise impressed, commenting on their quiet, soft ride. According to one post, the Altimax RT holds the road better than any other tire the driver has used, even in the rain; elsewhere users say the tire performs well in all types of winter driving conditions. Some drivers demur, however, saying performance in slush, snow, and ice aren't the tire's strong points. Overall, though, reviewers award it high marks for comfort and for the control drivers experience on both wet and dry roadways.

The General Altimax RT (starting at $63, Amazon) features a UTQGS rating of 600-A-B (tread wear = 600, traction = A, temperature resistance = B). The manufacturer offers a treadwear warranty of 70,000 miles, and a self-described conservative driver who posted a review on a consumer products testing site says the tires are still going strong after almost 80,000 miles. The speed capacity is rated T, or 118 mph. In addition, this tire comes equipped with a replacement monitor that indicates when the tire's tread has worn down and a Visual Alignment Indicator to help identify when the tires should be realigned to better extend the tread life.

The General Altimax RT receives high praise from users as an all-season tire despite some assertions that it could do better in winter weather. While this may not be the best all-season option for drivers in regions where snow, ice, and cold bear down for months, it's an excellent choice for moderate climates and for drivers who switch to snow tires during the winter.

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