Goodyear Wrangler ST Review


Think Twice

Don't Bother All-Season Tires. Many reviewers say these all-season tires are unsteady and loud, and others cite slippage on wintry roads. The UTQGS rating is 340-B-B, the maximum speed is 112 mph, and tread-life warranty is unspecified.

Terms such as unsafe, risky, and "scary dangerous" appear in Goodyear Wrangler ST reviews. At Tire Rack, for example, one driver of a Jeep Liberty says these all-season tires feel safe only at low speeds. In other Goodyear Wrangler ST reviews, a Chevrolet Silverado owner worries about driving in the rain and another driver says the slightest slippery patch sends a Jeep Grand Cherokee sliding across the road.

Drivers veer into nearby territory with Goodyear Wrangler ST reviews at 1010 Tires, calling them horrible, garbage, and the loudest they've ever owned. These tires are not suitable for any kind of winter weather, the posts continue, and one driver reports that they fail to scale even the slightest snow-covered incline. Other reviews report blowouts, punctures, flats, and poor treadwear.

Although some reviewers express satisfaction with this tire, many assert they need replacement in short order, thereby eliminating any cost savings from the budget price.

The Goodyear Wrangler ST (starting at $73, Amazon) sometimes comes as original equipment on light trucks and SUVs. Its UTQGS rating is 340-B-B (tread wear = 340, traction = B, temperature resistance = B). It has a speed rating of S, or 112 mph.

Given the proliferation of negative reviews posted by drivers, we can only conclude that another all-season tire would be a far better choice.

Jeremy Bender

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