General Altimax Arctic Review



Best Cheap Winter Tires. This is the best winter tire for the price. The Altimax Arctic wins accolades for its handling on snow, ice, and slush; optional studs offer extra grip.

In reviews posted at several sites, drivers laud the General Altimax Arctic winter tire for its traction on ice, in light and packed snow, and on wet, slushy roads. Users who commented at Tire Rack offer up superlatives about traction and grip, the sense of security, and the absence of aimless spinning on slick roads. A resident of New York State with a Saab 9-5 says driving in a few inches of snow is like driving on a clear road. General Altimax Arctic reviews at other sites concur, with posts at Tire Buyer going so far as to call these tires "life savers." A commuter in Chicago said he had these tires installed just before a foot of snow fell and then barreled through without any problems whatsoever.

The General Altimax Arctic (starting at $64, Amazon) is a studdable winter tire for sedans, coupes, sports cars, and family vans. A Honda Accord driver notes that the metal studs provide welcome extra grip on slushy, icy, roads. (Tip: Before adding studs, check state and local regulations.) The maximum speed capacity is 99 mph, denoted by the letter Q.

The General Altimax Arctic seems to have no trouble handling all kinds of winter weather conditions. User reviews indicate that this is a smart buy for consumers on a budget.

Jeremy Bender

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