Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Review



Good Cheap Winter Tires. Michelin tires enjoy a solid reputation and the X-Ice Xi3 is a worthy exemplar. It handles well in snow and ice, although performance in loose snow and slush may be a tad messy.

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 is a studless winter tire that claims a following for its utility on dry and wet roads contrary to the usual limitations of snow tires in these conditions. Most Michelin X-Ice Xi3 reviews at Tire Rack laud the responsiveness on-road and off (as in country mud). Of the four winter tires tested by the review site's experts, the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 scored highest for "road manners" regardless whether the surface was dry or wet. This tire also rates well with reviewers for the quality of the ride, although a few note it can seem a bit loud on the highway.

Many drivers say the X-Ice Xi3 (starting at $72, Amazon) rolls securely over snow; one from North Dakota with a V8 Mustang insists it is among the best tire he has used, adding that the only insurmountable challenge was snow higher than the wheel wells. However, a minority dismiss the X-Ice Xi3's claim to winter-tire capabilities. Over at 1010 Tires, for example, some posts critique its sloppiness in slush and on ice, with one review likening the road feel to having slippery carpets underneath the wheels.

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 is a studless ice and snow tire for sedans, coupes, and family vans. Its maximum speed capacity is rated T, or 118 mph. It comes with a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty, something you don't often find on a winter tire.

Despite what seem to be some limitations on ice and slush, the X-Ice Xi3 admirably handles packed and deep snow. This is a good choice for drivers in states that restrict the use of metal studs or in regions hit with occasional heavy snowfalls.

Jeremy Bender

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