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Spot It 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick
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Based on our own Spot It review with child testers, it's possible that this cheap little card game by Blue Orange Games will run circles around the competition this holiday season. First of all, the Spot It game is travel-friendly. The stack of coaster-sized, round cards packaged in a cute metal tin is perfect for packing along to Grandma's house or pulling out of a carry-on when your plane is delayed. Second, our review found the Spot It game easy to play. There are directions for four different games included, but our young Spot It reviewers ignored the instructions and started up a game right away playing by their own rules. Lastly, Spot It appeals to a wide age group. Not only did our 7-to-9-year-old child testers have a good time playing, but their parents had a hard time not joining in.

Whichever variation of Spot It (starting at $10, Amazon) you play, the goal is to be the first one to "spot" the match. Between any two cards in the deck, there will be one and only one symbol that is the same. The winner is the person who finds the most matches. Although the objective is simple, it's often easier said than done. As one child tester pointed out in her Spot It review, one match might be difficult to find, then the next so easy it "tricks" you.

Spot It reviews are scarce, particularly because the game is sold primarily through boutique toy stores and not through larger sites that allow customer feedback. Of the reviews we did find, not one gave Spot It a rating of less than five out of five stars for its addictive playability and mass appeal.Though the Spot It game is intended for players ages 6 and up, Spot It reviews on Amazon by parents of the under-6 crowd report these younger children are both eager and able to play.

For proponents of family game night, this clever and cheap card game hits the spot, coming in right around $10. As fun as fans find it to be, however, Spot It requires two or more players and isn't a good option for solo entertainment.

by Gina Briles (Google+ Profile) – November 15, 2012
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