Evenflo Journey 200 Travel System Review


Evenflo Journey 200 Travel System reviews award points for ease of use. At Walmart parents comment on how easy it is to fold, store, maneuver, and pick up the stroller and car seat components. The two travel system reviews posted at Amazon, however, are divided. One parent likes the stroller's steering and rolling motion (but hadn't used it at the time of the posting because the baby was yet to be born) while another reports that the connection between car seat and stroller doesn't seem secure and thus, not safe.

The Evenflo Journey 200 Travel System (starting at $128, Amazon) comprises the Journey 200 stroller and Embrace 35 Sport infant car seat and base; the seat and base are LATCH-compatible. The 35-pound capacity of this infant car seat surpasses others we researched, which top out at 22 or 30 pounds. On the other hand, the stroller in this system reaches its limit when the child weighs 40 pounds compared to competing models that hold up to 50 pounds. The specs for these two components merely describe them as lightweight, but add that the car seat is 27 percent lighter than the leading infant car seats. The stroller is outfitted with front and rear suspension and swivel front wheels. Extras include two parent cup holders, a storage basket, and a pivoting child tray with a cup and snack holder.

Where to buy

If you're hankering for a low-cost travel system with a car seat that can be used well into the toddler years, the Evenflo Journey 200 is worth a look. It doesn't make the grade with us, however, due to concerns expressed in parents' reviews about the car seat-stroller locking mechanism and because of minimal specifications for the weight of the component pieces.

Raechel Conover

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