Horizon Fitness T101 Review


This basic treadmill promises excellent value for the money, with a sturdy build, a two-ply belt, and a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. Features such as a hydraulic lift for easy folding are uncommon in this price range.

An expert Horizon T101 review by Treadmill Doctor calls this the strongest entry-level Horizon ever, thanks to its large, cushioned belt and overall value. Considering its low cost, it is much sturdier than expected, according to many users posting reviews at Amazon expected it to be. It is quite a hefty piece of machinery, with a 300-pound weight capacity. Also unusual for this price point is a two-ply belt, which promises many years of exercise. The 2.25 continuous horsepower rating is adequate for anybody who uses this treadmill for walking or jogging, with the occasional sprint.

The Horizon T101 can go from 0 to 10 miles per hour and incline from 0 percent to 10 percent. There are nine preset programs, with three targets (time, distance, and calories burned) and workouts that will change the speed and the incline automatically, along with a four-minute cool-down. While there is a heart rate monitor in the handgrips, treadmill reviews warn that readouts are iffy at best. The console displays basic information -- time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned. A fan helps cool you off when you've worked up a sweat, although it's at a fixed height and can't be adjusted to blow where you need it. The built-in MP3 dock has speakers so you don't need to be wired into your tunes; there's also a headphone jack if you prefer. Water bottle holders on either side of the console can hold refreshment or other items, although purchasers posting reviews at Sears warn that the holders are shallow enough that vigorous movement can shake a water bottle out.

Assembly of the Horizon T101 seems easy for most people, however reviewers say that setup really requires two people. They also advise assembling the treadmill where you're going to be using it, because it is quite heavy. It folds to about a 45-degree angle, so do not plan to store it under a bed. A lifetime warranty on the frame and motor and one year on parts and labor speak to the treadmill's durability.

While this is not a gym-quality treadmill, it is an excellent choice for bringing the gym into your home. Experts at Treadmill Talk say buyers who plan to primarily walk or jog will find the Horizon T101 a great value for a low price.

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