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ProForm XT70 Shock 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick
Where to Buy ProForm XT70 Shock

The ProForm XT70 Shock is an incline trainer, as opposed to a standard treadmill, and is designed to burn more calories. The 1.75 continuous horsepower motor doesn't provide a lot of power, so this machine is not meant for running, but users posting ProForm XT70 reviews seem to know that. The ProForm XT70 Shock features a patented cushioning mechanism that adjusts to 24 different intensity levels, assuring a low-impact workout. A user posting a review on the ProForm website appreciates how easy it is on the joints. With 16 preset workouts that automatically change the speed of the machine, there are enough variables to keep most people from getting bored with their walking routines. The ProForm XT70 Shock is also iFit Live compatible, so for an added cost, the machine can download additional workouts and customized fitness programs.

The ProForm XT70 runs from 0 to 8 mph and works at only two inclines, 10 percent and 20 percent, which must be changed manually. There is a dock for an MP3 player and a sound system, so headphones are not necessary, although as with most budget treadmills, the sound quality is not the best. The console displays elapsed time, distance, calories burned, and vertical feet traveled.

Assembly seems easy for most, although some users posting ProFrom XT70 reviews, including this one at Best Buy, found aligning the holes and screws to be a headache. While some reviews stress that assembly requires two people, many reviewers claim to have done it themselves with very little problem. Still, the machine is quite heavy -- it has a maximum weight capacity of 325 pounds -- so having two people to move it would be helpful.

The Proform XT70 Shock comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, two years on parts, and one year on labor. On the whole, people seem to understand that this is a treadmill for walking, not marathon training, and are very satisfied with what they get. In fact, many are surprised, considering how little it costs.

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – December 28, 2012
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