ProForm Performance 400 Review



This high-tech treadmill is compatible with iFit Live and Nike + iPod to keep users motivated. It’s a leading performer in the budget category, with a strong enough motor to support jogging.

Experts at Treadmill Review call the ProForm Performance 400 the best treadmill under $600, based on its wide array of features and sturdy construction that's adequate for most exercisers. Users seem to agree, commenting in ProForm Performance 400 reviews at Sports Authority that this model is quiet and easy to use, and offers a smooth workout. Its 300-pound weight capacity and 2.25 continuous horsepower motor ensure a solid base for walking and jogging.

The ProForm Performance 400 goes up to 10 mph and automatically inclines from 0 percent to 10 percent. The features impress users posting ProForm Performance 400 reviews. The treadmill offers 15 built-in workouts (five each for time, distance, and calories burned). If you find that you are working too hard, or not hard enough, an intensity control feature brings the intensity up or down easily. In addition, the treadmill is iFit Live compatible: If you purchase an account on the iFit Live website and a separate wireless adapter, you can train with Jillian Michaels or use Google Maps to simulate the terrain anywhere in the world.

In ProForm Performance 400 reviews on the manufacturer's website, users say the console is big enough to hold a laptop, so you can browse the web or watch movies while you train. The display toggles among calories/incline, time/pulse, and distance/speed, rather than showing them all at once. You can plug your iPod into the console and listen through the speakers, so you don't get tangled up in headphone wires. The treadmill is also compatible with Nike + iPod (another additional cost), which lets you sync your workouts to the Nike Plus site, tracking your performance over time so you can monitor your improvement (or lack thereof).

Most users posting ProForm Performance 400 reviews report that assembly is simple; it seems to take a bit over half an hour on average. The treadmill folds up vertically to free up space when you need it. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 25-year warranty on the motor, and one year on parts and labor.

While the ProForm Performance 400 might not be up to the demands of athletes who run at high speeds for long periods of time, it's perfectly adequate for exercisers who want a moderate daily workout and represents a good value for the money.

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