Ion Audio TTUSB 10 Review



The TTUSB 10 boasts a turntable with an adjustable anti-skate feature and a built-in preamp that's useful if your stereo receivers lack a phono setting; it also comes bundled with Audacity recording software that digitizes vinyl recordings. Reviewers note the double on/off switches are not necessary and the Audacity software sometimes has trouble with Macs.

Experts and users rave about the deal you get with the Ion Audio TTUSB 10 (starting at $125). With anti-skate and tonearm counterweight adjustment, users' records are safe from the wear and tear that would occur in the absence of either critical feature. CNET finds that the lack of unnecessary features is a blessing with this simple but capable turntable.

Many Ion Audio TTUSB 10 reviews on are upbeat about the bundled software, which includes Audacity and a program called Gracenote. In an Ion Audio TTUSB 10 review, one user says Gracenote is "remarkable" because it actually names the tracks for him without having to enter anything manually. This type of feature is rare with USB turntables overall, as most software forces users to split tracks and name each one themselves. ION Audio TTUSB 10 reviews by CNET experts are less enthusiastic about the software package, saying the basic software is too simple and the advanced is too complex. CNET notes, however, that the ION Audio TTUSB 10 has decent sound and recording quality, although an ION Audio TTUSB 10 review in is less impressed with the sound quality.

While the features and software included make this USB turntable a solid package overall, and probably the best cheap buy out there, its plastic parts and lack of automation set it a notch below several higher-end models.

Maralyn Edid

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