Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable Review


Think Twice

Experts and consumers can't seem to agree on the worth of the iPTUSB. Experts see it as a great inexpensive buy, but most consumers only see the hard-to-overlook flaws: no anti-skate adjustment, no dust cover, and poor quality parts, all of which make many consumers unhappy.

While Ion Audio iPTUSB reviews by CNET experts praise this cheap turntable, consumers don't always agree. In an Ion Audio iPTUSB review, CNET says the 7-inch record adapter and lightweight portability (it will run on six D-cell batteries) are huge pluses, and the audio quality is impressive for a turntable this size. On the other hand, the Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable uses a ceramic cartridge and lacks a counterweight adjustment, which poses a risk to your record collection. An Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable review on bemoans the lackluster sound and says the turntable picks up ambient noise when ripping vinyl. Other gripes focus on poor connectors and a plastic tonearm that an Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable review on describes as flimsy.

The software bundled with the iPTUSB (starting at $90, Amazon) includes the usual Audacity as well as EZ Vinyl Converter, which only work with PCs, and the EZ Audio Converter, which only works with Macs. One user posting an Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable review on says the Mac-friendly software easily converts vinyl to MP3 format but doesn't do much for the vinyl noise; for that task, he says, Audacity does a nice job after you've learned to use it.

Because the Ion Audio iPTUSB Portable lacks certain critical features, such as anti-skate adjustment and a decent needle, the iPTUSB is not a good option for users keen on preserving their records. While its portability and 78 rpm capability are appealing, that's not enough to make this a bargain worth chasing.

Maralyn Edid

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