Gemini TT2000 Review


Gemini's DJ TT2000 (starting at $250, Amazon) is an affordable direct drive analog turntable with many attractive features, including anti-skate and counterweight tonearm adjustments, 78 rpm capability, and an aluminum platter. Direct drive turntables appeal to DJs, although this one features an offset tonearm, a design most record jockeys could do without (straight tonearms are their top choice).

Gemini TT2000 reviews are scarce. One Gemini TT2000 review on says this turntable produces decent sound but the slip mat makes it hard to "scratch." If you're not looking to nurture your inner DJ, however, this shouldn't be an issue. Some other issues emerge in a Gemini TT2000 review on, where the user grumbles about a warped platter and noise coming through the pre-amp.

Where to buy

Still, for the price and feature set, the Gemini DJ TT2000 is a good buy. There are very few analog direct drive turntables in this price range, and this one is a solidly-built model that delivers decent playback.

Maralyn Edid

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