Numark TTXUSB Review


The Numark TTXUSB (starting at $395, Amazon) is a USB direct drive turntable that offers loads of features, including an interchangeable tonearm system with both straight and offset options. With other standard features like anti-skate, pitch control, and a solid steel construction, this USB turntable is one of the best mid-price direct drive models on the market. The adjustable torque is also a big selling point, says one Numark TTXUSB review on

This high-end turntable is an all-around winner. An expert Numark TTXUSB review on awards it top grades for build and sound quality, features, and value for the price, although he hedges just a bit on the performance of the S-shaped tonearm. A Numark TTXUSB review on agrees that the turntable is a sound buy even though it doesn't come with a cartridge. This consumer also recommends buying a software package, such as Nero, for "heavy duty" recording because in his opinion, Audacity isn't up to the task.

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The TTXUSB is one of the few USB direct drive turntables offering a full set of features as well as solid construction. It's a good value if you're willing to spend the necessary extra to get direct drive.

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