Stanton T92USB Review


Stanton's T92USB (starting at $300, Amazon) is a USB direct drive turntable that features a pre-mounted cartridge, high torque motor for playback, and Cakewalk software for digitizing vinyl. A professional-grade turntable, the Stanton T92USB also boasts pitch control, 78 rpm capability, anti-skate, and an S-shaped tonearm that minimizes wear on your records. In a Stanton T92USB review on, a user concludes that this is the right turntable for folks who fall somewhere between exacting professionals and casual listeners.

The Cakewalk software bundled with the Stanton T92USB works with both PCs and Macs. Although some consumers like the software package, a couple of users posting Stanton T92USB reviews on suggest downloading Audacity freeware, instead; one reports his first try with Cakewalk caused multiple crashes. In all, though, users seem thrilled with the ability to transfer their old vinyl to CD or MP3 formats, noting that audio quality is better than decent.

Where to buy

While the feature set may not be as rich as that offered in higher end models, for a direct drive USB turntable, the Stanton T92USB is an affordable and worthwhile buy.

Maralyn Edid

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