Denon DP-300F Review


Denon's DP-300F (starting at $329, Amazon) is a belt-drive automatic analog turntable with a straight tonearm, a moving magnet cartridge, anti-skate, counterweight adjustment, and dust cover. The turntable is well built and sturdy with a weighted base to prevent vibrations. It also features a built-in phono amplifier for stereo use.

The stylus on this analog turntable is better quality than what you find on many cheaper turntables, and passes muster with some consumers but not others. Several Denon DP-300F reviews on report satisfaction with the audio quality, although reviewers who have upgraded the stylus say the improvement in the sound and overall listening experience is remarkable. Denon DP-300F user reviews posted on the J&R site generally praise the sound quality and its user-friendliness, although one adds that a stand-alone pre-amp is worth the investment. An expert Denon DP-300F review by concludes that this relatively cheap analog turntable stands its own against some of the higher-priced competition in terms of features and performance, although an expert turntables review by concludes that the noise isolation is only so-so.

Users and experts appreciate the build quality of this turntable. A user posting a Denon DP-300F review on comments that it didn't skip once, even when his children jumped around in front of the deck. So if you're looking for a balance between affordable and high-end, the Denon DP-300F is a good buy even if you need an upgrade on the needle.

Maralyn Edid

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