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IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6
Where to Buy IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6

The IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6 boasts several de rigueur features, but many IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6 reviews pan this model for functionality, build quality, and design issues. In reviews on Buy.com, for example, several users say the IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6 won't charge the iPhone or newer iPods at all. Other IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6 reviews on that site complain about flimsy construction and tips that don't fit well, and one user posting on Amazon reports the connecting cable broke far too easily. In addition, the IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6's six connector tips don't include one for devices that charge via micro USB, which is fast becoming the universal standard for mobile phones. (It has already been adopted in Europe, and top manufacturers have agreed to follow suit in the U.S. by 2012.) iPhone and iPod users who power up their devices with this charger must have their own Apple USB charging cables.

As for features, the IOGEAR GearPower GMP1001W6 (starting at $35) sports a 2,000 mAh lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable up to 500 times and is supposed to be able to charge a cell phone up to three times before running out of juice. It has LED indicator lights to signal when the battery needs recharging. Like its cheaper and better-reviewed GearPower GMP1001B cousin, it boasts short-circuit, overcharge, and temperature protection. Users do like its small size and light 2.4-ounce weight.

Given the drawbacks noted above and a price near the top of our Cheapism range, you needn't rush to buy this one. There are other cheap chargers on the market that would serve you better.

by Kara Reinhardt (Google+ Profile) – April 15, 2012
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