Corsair Flash Voyager USB 3.0 Review



Corsair's Flash Voyager is a little slow for a USB 3.0 drive but still blows the doors off USB 2.0 models. With its rugged outer shell it can take more of a beating that most other flash drives.

Corsair Flash Voyager USB 3.0 reviews award points for a rugged design but hedge when it comes to speedy performance. A review by PC Mag notes that this flash drive can't quite keep pace with other USB 3.0 models although it runs circles around USB 2.0 flash drives. The review also lauds the rubber housing, which protects against moisture and rough handling; a post at Newegg, however, retorts that it takes longer to pull out of a pocket. Predictably, some reviewers grumble about the cap, with the common refrain being "it's easy to lose." Read and write speeds seem to satisfy users although we came across quite a few complaints about limited durability; some Corsair Flash Voyager USB 3.0 reviews report total failure within weeks and others after about a year. Apparently, this drive isn't as tough on the inside as it is on the outside.

You can find the Corsair Flash Voyager USB 3.0 (starting at $18, Amazon) with four different storage capacities -- 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB -- or chose the USB 2.0 version. (The USB 3.0 version is, as you'd expect, the faster of the two by far.) The device is water-resistant and shockproof thanks to its tough rubber casing.

The Flash Voyager would claim a higher spot on our list if it had a better track record for long-term reliability. It's ironic that a drive designed to take a beating on the outside seems inclined to break down so quickly. Still, it's inexpensive enough and while we wouldn't recommend using it to back up your most important files, it's a good choice when you need to move large amounts of data quickly.

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