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Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8GB 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick
Where to Buy Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8GB

The Patriot exporter received high praise from users at CNET for its high speed and rugged design. These users did caution, however, that the high speed of this flash drive will only be realized if you computer system is also fast. Users at TigerDirect were also very pleased with the high speed of the Patriot Xporter. The TigerDirect users also praised the lifetime warranty for this flash drive. Users did caution, however, that this flash drive is a little bulky, which could be a problem if the USB ports on your computer are crowded with other attachments. A user at Techware Labs tried bouncing this flash drive off of the wall in their office to test the drive's ruggedness. They report that this flash drive held up very well--it is indeed extremely rugged.

The Patriot Xporter XT Boost 8GB flash drive boasts high write speeds of up to 200x. This flash drive has a rubberized outer protective layer; the manufacturer claims that this flash drive is shock-proof, washing-machine proof, and dirt/dust proof. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and comes with a life-time warranty.

The Patriot Xporter XT Boost USB flash drive has been praised by users across the board. The only potential drawback we can see is that if the USB ports on your computer are already crammed with devices, then the outer rubber layer on this flash drive could make it difficult to fit into one of your USB slots. But we think this is not an issue for most people, and therefore we highly recommend this USB flash drive.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – July 9, 2013
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