Eureka AirSpeed Zuum AS5203A Review


Think Twice

Lacking stand-out specs and suffering from user reports of overheating, loss of suction, and fragile parts, there's little to commend the Eureka Airspeed Zuum AS5203A, a Target exclusive.

The Eureka AirSpeed Zuum AS5203A fares well on the cleaning front, according to reviews, but falls short in other critical dimensions. Expert tests by Good Housekeeping determined that this Target exclusive (it's also available through a third-party Amazon seller) effectively rids carpets of ground-in dirt and is outfitted with an easy-empty dust container. And yet, the review continues, it delivers weak suction with the attachments in play, tips easily, and sometimes scatters debris when vacuuming hard surfaces.

Eureka AirSpeed Zuum reviews posted at Target largely agree but pile on still more critiques. Users toss out demerits for a flimsy hose (it broke after three outings, reports one), a dirt canister that's both too small and easy to knock over, belts that break, plastic pieces that fall off, suction that tapers off over time, and weak performance on bare floors. Similar themes are repeated at Amazon, where Eureka AirSpeed Zuum reviews go on to recount incidents involving overheating, even after vacuuming just one room.

The Eureka AirSpeed Zuum AS5203A (starting at $100, Amazon) looks like a standard, budget-priced upright on paper. It weighs a moderate 13.6 pounds, features a HEPA filter, houses a 12-amp motor, and cleans a 14-inch path. It comes with a 25-foot power cord and onboard attachments (crevice tool, dusting brush, and telescoping extension wand). It carries a two-year limited warranty.

While this model might meet certain criteria, it lacks any stand-out feature and apparently suffers from build-quality snafus. The Eureka AirSpeed Zuum sits well within the Cheapism price range, but there are better buys for the money.

Raechel Conover

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