Eureka ReadyForce Bagged Canister Vacuum 900A Review



Users like the powerful suction, especially on bare floors, but some find it hard to pull given the top-mounted hose.

One Eureka ReadyForce 900A review at Best Buy neatly sums up the performance of this bagged canister vac by saying that strong suction makes just one pass sufficient. Other users generally echo this sentiment by noting that the Eureka ReadyForce 900A makes quick work of common household dust and fuzz; several users report being pleasantly surprised given the small package and the small price. The view from Amazon is much the same. Eureka ReadyForce 900A reviews talk up its practicality, especially for the quick, in-between-full-scale-cleaning jobs when small pockets of mess, like stray pet-bird feathers, need cleaning up; it keeps laptop keyboards looking neat and tidy, as well. Other virtues of this budget model, according to reviewers, include practical accessories, an efficient filter, and a right-sized 6-foot hose.

Its performance fails to impress everyone, however. Some Eureka ReadyForce 900A reviews assert this bagged model is fine for light-duty work on bare floors and walls (need to vacuum high vents, anyone?) and indoor/outdoor carpeting but can't manage a deep clean on carpets with thicker pile. A few grumble that the ReadyForce doesn't roll easily when pulled from behind and tumbles over while vacuuming, and some consider the 16-foot power cord too short.

Where to buy

As a cheap canister vacuum, the Eureka ReadyForce 900A (starting at $57, Amazon) has a lot going for it. It weighs 10.5 pounds and fits into small storage spaces. It uses a micro filter that requires periodic cleaning and, ultimately, replacement. Replacement dust bags are readily available, and one user asserts that changing them out is easier than with other models. The attachment hose runs 6 feet and two wands are included in the package. The ReadyForce 900A comes with three on board attachments: a floor brush that can be set for carpets or bare floors, a dusting brush, and an upholstery nozzle. It cleans a path 10.5 inches wide and is powered by a 12 amp motor.

Strong suction and ease of use are big draws for the Eureka ReadyForce 900A. A majority of reviewers seem pleased with this model and willing to overlook minor flaws.

Raechel Conover

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