Dirt Devil EZ Lite Bagless Canister SD40010 Review


Think Twice

The Dirt Devil SD40010 EZ Lite has its fans, but many reviewers say it clogs easily and seems poorly built. It sports a 20-foot power cord and a HEPA filter.

The bagless Dirt Devil EZ Lite SD40010 looks great on paper, but reviews indicate it doesn't pass muster with users. In comments posted at Amazon, for example, users gripe about inadequate suction and constant clogging, particularly if the humans or the animals in the household are shedders. (Fingers or some other blunt instrument required for the rescue.) Other complaints cited in Dirt Devil EZ Lite SD40010 reviews relate to build quality. Users protest what they consider thin plastic and a less than sturdy feel and "stubs" (as opposed to brushes) on the floor attachment that fail to pick up dust or dirt. The critique continues in Dirt Devil EZ Lite SD40010 reviews at Target, where users again mention problems with clogging. One post reports that the clog indicator light sent a false alarm (no obstruction found) and adds that the vacuum ceased working less than a year after purchase despite regularly cleaning the filter and emptying the dirt cup.

On the other hand, the Dirt Devil EZ Lite SD40010 (starting at $79, Amazon) meets some users' expectations. Many comment appreciatively on the 11.8-pound weight, variable speed, collapsible wand, and retractable cord. A number of reviewers assert this bagless canister vac does a fine job on hard surfaces. One reports that it efficiently inhales the sand that piles up on tile floors in Florida and another states that it rises to the challenge posed by six indoor cats.

The warranty on the Dirt Devil EZ Lite SD40010 is two years (parts and motor), unusually long for this product category. The EZ Lite SD40010 also features a HEPA filter, 6-foot hose, 32.5-inch wand that extends to 45 inches, 20-foot power cord, and 11-inch cleaning path. The speed on the 12-amp motor is variable -- all the better for a variety of surfaces, including bare floors, carpets, and upholstery, according to the company. And it comes with three on-board attachments -- a crevice tool, dusting brush, and floor nozzle.

Loaded with goodies, the Dirt Devil EZ Lite SD40010 sounds so appealing. But reports about weak suction and clogging give pause. There are more effective bagless canister vacuums for the taking.

Raechel Conover

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