Lingo Review


Think Twice

Lingo's call quality may be good, and the price of its calling plans competitive, but we read far too many complaints about billing practices and customer service.

Lingo's attractive inducements fail to offset the many negative assessments found in Lingo reviews. Unlike its VoIP competitors, Lingo includes unlimited international calls in each of its service plans; it also provides the adapter free of charge. The experts at Top Ten Reviews like these features, noting that the former provides good value for anyone who frequently calls outside the U.S. On the other hand, we found lots and lots of complaints in reviews posted at and CNET about reliability, call quality, tech support, and customer service -- billing practices in particular. Customers claim the company tacks on surprise charges and fees, imposes sudden plan changes, is slow to correct errors, and resists requests to cancel service. When things are going smoothly, Lingo reviews concede, call quality is passable.

The first month of service is free with Lingo's monthly calling plans, and in all cases but one (see below) taxes and fees are extra. The basic plan goes for $24 a month and provides unlimited calling within the U.S. and to 45 other countries. There are two international calling plans: $57 a month for unlimited calls in the U.S. and to landlines in 45 countries, plus 1,800 minutes for mobile calls to 25 countries; or $24 a month for unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada and 1,000 minutes of calls to more than 65 countries. Alternatively, you can pay $23 for unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada or sign up for a $250 yearly subscription that includes monthly fees but not taxes. The cheapest monthly deal goes for $10 but limits you to 500 minutes of calls within the U.S.; calls to Canada cost an additional 4 cents a minute. All Lingo plans let you transfer an existing phone number and come with more than 20 features (e.g., call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling, call forwarding, and 911 emergency calls).

We didn't read much commentary about the quality of calls with Lingo or about the features, but we were surprised by the number of complaints regarding customer service -- enough to put us off this VoIP provider.

Michael Sweet

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