Avia A333 Walking Shoe Review



Walkers really like the comfort of the Avia A333 and say it provides excellent arch support and wears well for extended periods. It features a cushioned insole, padded collar, and comes in men's and women's versions.

The Avia A333 Walking Shoe men's style is a big hit with users at ShoeBuy.com who report that the shoe is lightweight, comfortable and very supportive especially in the heel and arches. Users of the women's style at Amazon agree saying that the shoes fit perfectly from the first minute of wearing them and there is no breaking in period with them - they are instantly comfortable. They are so comfortable in fact that one user bought two pairs to be able to wear them at work and at home.

In both women's and men's styles, the Avia A333 Walking Shoe (starting at $38, Amazon) has a foreflex system making it very flexible in the forefoot and a special arch support technology to provide extra support where it's needed. There is no note on how much the shoes weigh or if there is extra heel support, but users claim they are both supportive in the heel and lightweight.

We love the special arch support in this shoe. Often walking shoes don't have the proper arch support, so we have a feeling this shoe is comfortable for extended periods of time with the arch technology. Avia A333 Walking Shoe reviews support our theory as users rave about the comfort and support of this shoe. Our bottom line - this is an excellent choice in affordable walking shoes for both men and women.

Raechel Conover

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